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About Cynthia Jean

Cynthia JeanCynthia Jean has been expressing art through jewelry creations since the early 80's. Born in New York, she grew into a world of art appreciation due to the influence of her father, C. Lee Watts, Jr., who received his training at the Pratt Institute of Art (NYC). As she watched her father paint, he taught her color, design, and reverence for the gift of true artistic expression. From a very young age, she preferred nature as her environment always observing the landscape and collecting treasures from the earth.

Education was Cynthia's first career path. She was both an educator and administrator, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in both. Needing a creative outlet for her art, she learned by studying antique European jewelry techniques how to make her own original designs.

Cynthia Jean's dedication to her artistic expression, has produced many thousand original ornaments of jewelry and accessories. She acknowledges that her resources for design originate from her spiritual connection to the Creator.

She resides in St. Augustine, Florida where her studio overlooks the Intercoastal Waterway.

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St. Augustine