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About the jewelry design

Example JewelryThe jewels of Cynthia Jean Artisan Designs illuminate visual opulence chosen by women nationally and internationally for adornment and passionate collecting. Royalty, celebrities, entertainers, socialites and professionals reflect their feminine ideal with these artful jewelry embellishments. Fine art galleries, boutiques and resorts offer the bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins of Cynthia Jean Artisan Designs, which have been described as combinations of rhythm, movement, color and texture. Each jeweled creation is enhanced by the use of exquisite antique and vintage acquisitions having rich heritage gathered from worldwide journeys. The energy and emotion of this mystique have become personal to both the artist and the collector of this fine jewelry.
Cynthia Jean Artisan Designs creates all original works of jeweled art, making separate demands upon the designer. Compositional planning, refinement of detail and the embodiment of elegant color are a part of the creative process.
Additional services include custom jewelry designs for weddings, special occasions and restorations of heirloom jewels customized to the style of the collector. Each creation has its own lifetime warranty.